early 2013 virtual 가상축구패턴분석 soccer quarterback ratings


Across the web, early 검증된가상축구패턴분석 quarterback rankings are being posted in preparation for forthcoming virtual soccer mock drafts. At this early point, it’s largely hard-core fantasy owners who are starting to construct their rankings. But it’s also these owners that are likely to win their leagues year after year.

With that being said, here are some early quarterback rankings for the 2013 virtual soccer season:

Aaron Rodgers: In all honesty, the top slot might have gone to either Rodgers or Drew Brees. But we’re going with Rodgers at this early point because of his scrambling skills and the consequences surrounding the return of Sean Payton, discussed below.

Drew Brees: Technically, Brees racked up the most virtual points in 2012. His 432 total virtual points were slightly better than Rodgers’ 420. However, Coach Sean Payton has made it obvious that in 2013 the squad will revert to the same smash-mouth style of football that helped push them to a Superbowl triumph. Because of this, he gets edged out by Rodgers who will likely lead a high-power passing assault once again.

Tom Brady: Brady has been one of the top fantasy performers for as long as I can remember and this year shouldn’t be any different. Brady was 3rd among QBs in total virtual points in 2012, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him anywhere in the top 5 again this year.

For Peyton Manning, his first season in Denver was a huge success. In 2012, if there were any skeptics, Payton proved them all wrong. With a strong WR group, he’ll be one of the best quarterbacks in the league this year.

Among the league’s greatest quarterbacks, Ryan put on a show in 2012. It’ll be his second season working with Julio Jones, and the acquisition of running back Steven Jackson will only assist his cause.

In the short time since he’s been in the NFL, Cam Newton has consistently put up impressive numbers on an individual basis. Carolina’s continued troubles will simply increase Newton’s frequency of passing the ball, therefore his numbers will remain in the top 10 regardless of how the rest of the team performs.

Tony Romo: Many expected Romo to develop into an exceptional quarterback. Despite that, owner Jerry Jones has given Romo even more support in the off-season by announcing that Romo will play an even larger part in the offense in 2012. Romo’s worst-case scenario is that he’ll once again put up top-10 stats. 가상축구패턴분석 click here

Colin Kaepernick’s climb to prominence as the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers was a Cinderella story in 2012. Injuries, even those that are just temporary, can have a significant impact on a quarterback’s career in the NFL. You can be confident that Kaepernick will finish in the top ten this year because of his mobility.

Andrew Luck: In 2012, Luck shattered rookie quarterback expectations when he took over as the Colts’ starter and led the team to the playoffs. Luck isn’t your average quarterback, and his sophomore slump isn’t conventional either. In 2012, he ranked 10th in fantasy quarterback rankings.

Another rookie quarterback who surprised fantasy footballers by leading his team to the playoffs was Russel Wilson of the Washington Redskins (and winning). Compared to Luck in 2012, he had identical stats, and I believe he’ll improve in 2013.

Even though the 2013 virtual soccer season is still months away, it never hurts to grab an early lead on your competitors. These quarterback rankings are a good place to start as you begin your virtual soccer draft preparations.

Week 3 Defense 가상축구패턴분석 Picks for virtual soccer Leagues

Matchups are the key to virtual defense scoring. Choosing a defense to face a weak attack is often a better approach than always picking the greatest defense. Even while certain teams have performed far better than predicted in the offensive department (Cincinnati and Buffalo), other teams have performed much worse than projected (Arizona and New Orleans) (Kansas City). San Diego’s defense has a tough six-week schedule that includes games against Kansas City, Miami, Denver, and the New York Jets.

The city of San Diego, California

In the first two weeks, the Chargers defense hasn’t been stellar, but their stats are going to skyrocket when they face the Chiefs, who have fallen by a total of 89-10. Matt Cassel appears confused, and if anything, the Chiefs are in worse shape now that Jamaal Charles will miss the remainder of the season. The Chargers are on a mission.


The Pittsburgh Steelers rebounded from a poor week 1 to beat the Seattle Seahawks in week two. The Colts are now 0-2 on the road, so the road should not be much more difficult. Even though Sunday Night is known for oddities, this battle was not expected to be as one-sided as it was in week 3. The defense will annoy Kerry Collins and put in a good effort for Pittsburgh once again.

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Taking against Tarvaris Jackson and the Seahawks in Seattle will make any defense seem good, even if Arizona’s isn’t. While the Seahawks’ offense isn’t the worst in the NFL, they’re also not likely to light up the scoreboard for the second week in a row.


After smashing their rivals in week 1, Baltimore’s defense suffered a setback in week 2 against Tennessee. When they face a depleted Rams offense, they should be able to rebound. Even though Bradford is a promising young quarterback, his options are restricted by the quality of his receiving corps. The Ravens’ defense will put a stop to the Rams’ sputtering attack.

The Jets of 온라인가상축구패턴분석 New York City

Luke McCown and the Jaguars couldn’t get a handle on the New York Jets defense all day. Taking on Run DMC in Oakland will be a challenge, but they have a stout defense that should be able to handle it.

Carolina is a snoozer.

Both of Carolina’s losses have been due to a poor defense. This week, they host the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars, and perhaps that will change. Starting quarterback Luke McCown or youngster Blaine Gabbert is still up in the air for Jacksonville. It’s going to be a tough day for the Jaguars quarterback if the Panthers can restrict Maurice Jones-Drew.